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'Wunderkammer' in Galerie Sehnsucht

On April 2018 our exhibition ‘Wunderkammer‘ opened. The exhibition runs until May 26th.

The camera is the eye with which we behold the wonders in the world. But it doesn’t only capture reality, it shows our fantasies, dreams and fears just as well. Photography is a tool to catch wonders and keep them in a dark chamber – the Wunderkammer. The original wunderkammer – a cabinet of curiosities, dates back to the 15th centuries when rulers, explorers, merchants, sailors and other daredevils started traveling the world. They brought back to their homes the wonders of the world: minerals, gems, artifacts, strangeanimals, plants, idols, etc. and gathered them in a room or cupboard. They could contemplate or talk about it with their friend and show of their knowlegde and power. Eventually wunderkammers became the museums of today. Now we are all used to museums and see the strangest of things on the internet, but still it is a great theme to inspire artists. So we invited photographic artists from over the world to show us their wonders.

Guest curator for this exhibition was Rommert Boonstra, one of the founding fathers of staged photography in the Netherlands.
The following artists are participating: Arnoud Bakker, Astrid van Rijn, Darren Smith (USA), Deborah Sfez (ISR), Esther Hemmer, Geertje Geertsma, Gosia Kalisciak, Helma Vlemmings, Iedje Visser, Jaasir Linger, John de Vos, Lee Musgrave (USA), Marcie Rich (USA), Michaela Kindle (DU), Na Zhang (Ch), Olga Rook, Pascale Hustings, Peter Eleveld, Rommert Boonstra, Torsten Schumann (DU), Van Os en Depassé and Yolenth van den Hoogen.

Galerie open woensdag – zaterdag 11 – 17 uur.
Galerie Sehnsucht, Vijverhofstraat 34, 3032 SN, Rotterdam

Bekijk hier de catalogus van de expositie Wunderkammer
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